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Indiegogo campaign closed

February 1st 2019

The Burning Voices Indiegogo campaign is closed now. Our project is still going on - we still have two countries to travel to and the editing phase ahead of us. Right now we are focusing on getting the sufficient funds to finish the film. We will send campaign updates to keep the supporters informed. Thank you for the support! <3


Five teasers - Deus

January 16th 2019

We have published five teasers from Uganda now and here are all of them in one clip: A Dark Place, On Writing, A Ghost, On Acceptance & A Wish. Subtitles in English and Finnish available, just click ”CC” to choose.


Filming in Uganda

August 28th 2018

The first leg of the three done! The Burning Voices team has just finished filming with one of the main characters, Deus Twesigye. Busy and amazing three+ weeks in Uganda - and really nice footage which to edit now.



Karli's TEDx talk

May 30th 2018

One of the Burning Voices protagonists, Karli Butler, gave her first TEDx talk, titled Reimagining Forgiveness, on May 1st and the video is now available online!


Visa problem and a new plan

March 4th 2018

The Burning Voices team’s visas to Pakistan have been denied. Not giving up on Pakistan yet but the order of the countries will be changed. The current plan is to travel first to Uganda and the United States.

A grant to the Burning Voices team

February 14th 2018

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has awarded a grant to the Burning Voices team. The grant will cover a part of the artistic work and travel costs to Uganda and USA.


Suomen Kulttuurirahasto

Four months and counting

November 18th 2017

Still waiting for the take off - the newspaper Savon Sanomat interviewed us about our visa wait.

Text Vuokko Viljakka, pic Olli Herranen.

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Pirjo Ojala - pic Olli Herranen

A new video

November 15th 2017

Here is the video from the camera/movement workshop the Burning Voices crew had at Sotku theatre, Kuopio, Finland in August 2017. Thank you for the support ITAK , the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland!


Dance: Anna Venäläinen
Cinematography and editing: Antti Savolainen
Assistant editor: Tero Peltoniemi
Music: Amongst Others by Rooibos - Doppelgänger from

A tale of Survivors

September 29th 2017

Anna Venäläinen talks about her role as a choreographer in Burning Voices.

Newspaper Karjalainen. Text Kimmo Nevalainen, pic Jouni Turunen.

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Anna Venäläinen - pic Jouni Turunen

A friend of subtle sounds

September 20th 2017

Anu Sorsa talks about the work of a sound designer and the upcoming journey to Pakistan, and Pirjo Ojala tells about Burning Voices in the Savon Sanomat newspaper.

Text Vuokko Viljakka, pic Marko Happo.

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Anu Sorsa - pic Marko Happo

A new video

August 3rd 2017

Since the crowdfunding campaign ended almost two months ago, we’ve been recharging our batteries, mailing the perks we can at this point, working in various projects and of course planning the Burning Voices film and the journey to Pakistan, where we hope to travel in October.

Our crew had a two-day meeting in Leppävirta, Finland in June, filling in visa applications and making some camera-movement tests.

Looking forward to a busy, inspiring autumn. Thank you for making it possible.


Dance: Anna Venäläinen
Cinematography & editing: Antti Savolainen
Music: coelum by Kai Engel

The crowdfunding campaign InDemand

June 5th 2017

Our Indiegogo campaign was successfully funded on June 4, 2017. Thank you for the support! We have now started planning the first filming period which takes place in Pakistan.

The campaign is InDemand now, which means you can still support the making of this film! The new funds raised go towards the production costs in Pakistan (until autumn 2017), Uganda and USA and the post-production costs (editing/graphic design/music).


May 11th 2017

Please support our Thunderclap campaign so we can get a social media boost on May 25th!



Burning Voices - a Thought-Provoking film

April 27th 2017

An interview by Anne Korhonen.

Directed by Women

April 18th 2017

Pirjo Ojala and Anna Venäläinen: Identity and humanity. An interview by Barbara Ann O'Leary.

Crowdfunding Campaign April 4th–June 4th 2017


April 4th 2017

We have done the research and development, now it's time to get into production. Please support our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!

Thank you!


Burning Voices in Finnish media

Kansan Tahto Newspaper 18.9.2015
Burning Voices – Finnish filmmaker making a documentary about acid attack victims.
Written by Anna Raudaskoski.

Savon Sanomat Newspaper 30.3.2013
Someone else in the mirror – Documentary: The victims of acid attack tell about how their identity has changed in Pirjo Ojala’s movie.
Written by Veera Jääskeläinen.


Lehtiset Magazine 2/2013
Berlinale Talent Campus – Intensive course preparing filmmakers to go out to the world.
Written by Metsämarja Aittokoski.

YLE TV-news 12.2.2013
Berlinale Talent Campus.