Production Company

Ilokuva, Naukkarinen & CoIlokuva, Naukkarinen & Co specializes in documentaries and animations. It was founded by Lasse Naukkarinen and Eila Hutri in 1980.

Ilokuva has produced over 30 documentaries and experimental short films, and many of them have won awards in festivals.

The ethics, diversity, richness of expression and social dimension are the ground values for Ilokuva.


Leo NaukkarinenLeo Naukkarinen joined Ilokuva, Naukkarinen & Co in 2009, working both in the production and sound departments.

He has been producing e.g. Lasse Naukkarinen’s recent documentaries Woven Diary (2015), about the tapestry artist Ariadna Donner, and Name of Love (2015), about the Romanian artist Allan Fib and his family after he suffers a brain hemorrhage.

Naukkarinen graduated with the BA in media from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2014. In addition to his work at Ilokuva, he has also worked as a sound technician and sound designer in numerous documentary films and TV-series.


Pirjo OjalaPirjo Ojala’s award winning short movies include the comedy Obstacle (2011), about a couple with disabilities trying to go to a date, the dance movie Point (2009) and the horror movie The Night of the Lizard (2006). Her BA thesis film Three Words about Love (2007) is still used by Victim Support Finland in their volunteer training and seminars about sexual violence.

Her script Women on the Way won the best feature screenplay award at Massachusetts Independent Film Festival in USA in 2013.

Ojala graduated with the MA in film screenwriting from The University of Salford, UK in 2009. She has been selected with the documentary film A Burning Voice to the Berlinale Talent Campus Short Film Station 2013, ESoDoc – European Social Documentary programme 2014, IDFAcademy 2015 and EDN Docs in Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2016.

Pirjo Ojala Portfolio


Anna Venäläinen Anna Venäläinen is a freelancer dance artist who works as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and producer in various dance art projects.

Her latest works include Suojassa? (Protected?) (2018), Deus Que Me Deu (2017) and Havoc (2016), which are part of her trilogy Where The Soul Lives. Venäläinen has toured with her works in Finland and with Folha Seca (2013) also in India..

One of Venäläinen’s missions is to bring the art of dance to different places and different people, especially to those who have never dared to dance before. She has taught dance to people with different disabilities, with memory problems, mental health issues and many other different groups..

Venäläinen graduated as a professional dancer from Outokumpu college, Finland in 2010.


Antti SavolainenAntti Savolainen works as a freelance cinematographer. He has shot several short documentaries and short fiction films, music videos and travel shows which have been broadcast e.g. at the Finnish YLE, MTV and Nelonen.

Savolainen has also filmed destination videos for Finnair and Aurinkomatkat travel agency in 10 countries and in 30 different locations.

He has a BA in cinematography from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2013.

Producer, Sound designer

Anu Sorsa (Foto: Niko Puumalainen) Anu Sorsa works as a freelancer producer, sound artist, teacher and sound designer. She has worked mainly as a sound technician and sound designer in Finnish and international short fiction movies but she has also experience from feature-length films, documentaries and TV productions.

Sorsa has a BA in sound design from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2013.


Kristiina KarstenKristiina Karsten has mainly edited art documentaries and video art. She has collaborated with e.g. Miia Tervo, Jaakko Ilkka Virtanen, Minna Havukainen and Aada Brun (neé Niilola). Karsten also works as a visual artist.

Karsten has a BA in film editing from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2007.

Composer & musician

Mauri MikkolaMauri Mikkola works in the fields of music and multi-arts. He has composed music for bands, orchestras and films, and he has also taken part in various experimental music and performing arts projects. His jazz fusion record Lux et Umbra was published in 2015 (Mauri Mikkola Quintet).

Mikkola's main instrument is electric guitar, and he is also a music teacher.

Graphic designer

Veli-Pekka HaastolaVeli-Pekka Haastola is a freelancer graphic designer who has previously worked as a marketing assistant for Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, a school for children with special needs, in Kuopio. He is experienced in e.g. photography, video editing, designing websites and layouts for books and promotional material.

Haastola has a BA in graphic design from Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2013.